K-GLOBAL Ventures

Emphasizing the real meaning of KGV – globalized win-win stages managing ventures for its stakeholders, she (KGV Group) is founded fulfilling her very first mission.

"Creating and facilitating shared business knowledge and experience in a global network for serious partnerships venturing and exploring unlimited capital."

Extending from her mission, her aims are to:

  • Enhance KGV capital and capacities in various business fields increasing stakeholders’ values;

  • Develop and diversify potential business entities; and

  • Promote capital venturing for a concrete global business development.

KGV Group’s team of investment professionals brings a inimitable combination of industrial experience in operations, technology, strategy, corporate advisory services, new media and international markets to its portfolio investments. The Group is led by three exclusive partners, Uptown Brilliant Sdn. Bhd. and Uptown Supreme Sdn. Bhd., who focus on investment opportunities across Malaysia and international markets.

In addition to the partnership, KGV Capital has a strong working party of sustaining and supporting professionals, each of whom brings years of experience and acumen to the Group.

KGV Group vision is to powering ever success with multiple business development, market intelligence, business matching, and trade opportunities conquering into borderless-world business arena for unlimited capital ventures.

With its corporate tagline “Let’s explore and expand!”, KGV Group has set aims to achieve professionalism in business collaboration, while upkeep its passion in sharing potential strategic alliances and business opportunities amongst its stakeholders. This would be the aim to grab continuality in expanding KGV capabilities.

Never really forego the importance of great alliances come great synergy, KGV Group desires to promote entrepreneurship and lend hands to business potentials towards continuous strategic business development. Hence, this would be a never-ending exploration and corporate journey.

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